A work in Progress


Cast out or Conned out of the Garden : A work in progress.

These days the self help mantras of the 80s and 90s have gone to the way side.
Positive affirmation, and other pop psychology techniques, have become synonymous with: tarring over the driveway, or patching a hole in in one’s trousers. Although suitable as a quick fix for ego displacement, a cosmetic fix to say the least, will only treat the symptoms of a deeper underlying problem. Leaving the sore deep bellow, to fester, ache and whimper self absorbed. fostering heat, and puss, feeding the weeds of societal extinction.

As above, so below.

A fearless investigation into one’s imprinted psychological makeup is required to create real change in one’s core based modalities and belief systems. Imprinted Dogmatic beliefs, around ethics, morality and self esteem are learned as we grow from infant to adult.

Great expense in time, and money, is required for therapeutic treatment. Dedication towards a practice of disciplined meditation along with therapy, can advance progress exponentially. Insight meditation can work wonders, but the investment of time to set aside for this type of introspection, can be taxing to your social life. For spiritual connectedness it is invaluable. This process can be slow, emotional dynamic, and exhausting.

Groups such as twelve steps groups(listed bellow)are a must, if one seeks a sense of community and belonging. Knowing that we are not the only one in this struggle gives a sense of acceptance, hope and confidence in deliberate action. In other words the courage to fight on.

No, you are not the: “loneliest of all creatures in the universe.” To quote a song by KLAATU in which a the subject is the only living soul on a planet whose culture destroyed itself. This i’ll use as metaphor, to what I have found to be the root of the problem with esteem.

We have unintentionally, been raised to destroy ourselves, leaving behind one soul survivor to push on in a world with no other. This is the result of living in a power based society, designed to segregate and exploit people into levels of privilege and worth. It has been given several ideologies but always ends up in three categories. The upper, the middle, and the lower classes. Each subservient to the one above. This is a human creation, not an expression of nature. We are insanity living in a sane world.



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