Human; What defines being human?


Meditation is an excellent tool for introspection.
I often contemplate my inner nature and intern
the innate nature of being human.

When I find that place, i see us eating vegetation,
not animals for we are so closely related
it’s would be like cannibalism.

We have a unique gift in that world.
We have the capacity for compassion,
and understanding. Understanding of
the limitations of learning, of other creatures and ourselves.

We are the caretakers there.
There is no need to conquer anything,
because the word “conquer” doesn’t exist.
When we cry it is more a truthful emoting,

More of a whole hearted child’s  vigor in it.
because their is no shame. When we laugh,
it is a more sincere, and free elation.

Joy is the most common feeling,
no anxiety, no worries, everything just is.
When we are tired we sleep, when hungry we eat.
We migrate with the season, we protect ourselves with sticks,
we keep the beasts at bay through utilising our
intellect, our unity and numbers. We don’t kill. We watch over each others naturally,
not out of burden, not out of commitment, it’s just being the norm.

Different family groups are neighbors, and the word respect
Isn’t in our vocabulary, it’s just what it is.
When something needs to be done we do it.
If someone needs help they ask, and we do it,
not because we have to, not to gain or fear any loss, but because we want to. All heart, all substance.

Few words are needed, we speak mostly through
body language and expression.
Children are raised by mother and father.
Raised in such a way that is completely wholesome and intuitive.
The child is always with mother and father,
Everything is passed down to the children through
experiencing it with the family.

I call this kind of meditation, insight. You may think it’s crazy. That’s ok. I’m really don’t have to impress you. I need express this. While meditating, when”I”in me
Has dropped away, I see this as tangible, and as real, as gravity.

I often think about this, as a coming back exercise; like walking off the run. If this is a glimpse of a possible innatly human nature: What could have brought us to the state we are in today?

To my way of thinking; Polarity somehow got kicked into the mix. The one most harmful thing in today’s society is shame. It’s used as a tool unconsciously or unfortunately on purpose to prepare children for our complex insanity. What’s right, what’s wrong. Who’s good, who’s bad. What’s beautiful, what’s ugly. All you need in our modern society and social dilemma to confuse a young mind, mold and shape that mind to accept that a state of confusion is normal however never to admit it.

Did Someone wanted power over others? power demands service.
Power over others would have no power without authority. Authority would set standards for conformity. Instilling the desire to conform would be judged as good, none conformist would of course be bad.
This would thrust unrealistic limits and force others who are natural prone to living in family units to conform for the sake of family. I’m sure there can be several scenarios, but one thing is clear.
Someone wanted to rule.

We’ve been taught; Nature is based on the fittest servicing. One might say that all animals survive because of a hierarchical social structure. I would agree with that, but we have one difference within our DNA and imprinted premodality towards compassion. A baby naturally has compassion, and empathy. this is nurtured. But I ask you; Is that trait nurtured with a bias?This is hardwired into our genetics. Do we confuse so early they answered to the greatest struggle of man kind, Segregation and Religious bias. Genetic traits may take hundreds maybe thousands of years to imprint. I would argue at one time that it was a major human trait of instinct, to be able to understand the needs of others in the family unite. As if the parental instinct to nurture evolved in us to be there from birth. We do however age slower from infant to adult far slower other mammals. That may have something to do with it.

Perhaps cataclysm brought us together in larger then normal size family units. Creating a new dynamic in social structure. But why the creation of God?

After centuries of being at bay to star gazers planting and harvesting crops may have been a result of a need for community. A natural disaster perhaps. But something brought us to the conception of an all powerful sky God demanding morality and justice. My God is different from an imposing force demanding conformity that goes against the nature I perceive. God didn’t create the garden of Eden, Gds invaded it through our own design. God was created by us. I wonder if they truly did this out of forethought, out of necessity?

It’s funny that, in the creation of God, we loose ourselves, our innocence, as being children of God.

Like the mythical hero’s who, given a gift from the gods
to give them power. That gift of power, is very object
that destroys them when their usefulness ended.

Together we are a force of nature. Apart we are nothing but the subjugated, relying on the upper crust to drop their crumbs for our sustenance. The elite class have always gone down with the ship, revolt due to the nature of a hierarchy. An upper class out of touch and lacking sincerity in their concern evidenced by their actions. Nature thrives in balance, and we at this time, are so far apart from our innate nature, I’m afraid we will destroy ourselves before we realize it collectively. And the only time we come together collectively as citizens, is in being sold on another war. Until then, remember this, we are nothing without freedom, we are are nothing if not United. Small and weak if we allow the powers that be, feed us reasons to hate each other. Promote chaos through their propagandist media machine. That only works towards their advantage. And we do not protest enough. Peaceful protest using intellect to overcome and balance.


© Danisms 2016


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