Ghosts of Regret; Addendum


We arrive home after ten thousand years to find
a barron world whose atmosphere roars and flashes
ripping through the darkness.

Streaks of light, jet across blackened
landscapes of ash and rubble.
Brief glimpses of twisted ruins, and crypts of mounds.
Vast plains of carbon hills roll like waves
dancing beneath blankets of mist, and shadows.

Through noxious fog, falling bullets of acidic
raindrops slap against the earth, sizzle and bubble
absorbed by a greedy host.
Mud, sand, and rocks, buckle and crackle.
Seeds swell, bursting at the seems.
Snap and deflate gushing, perging the
contents a groan and a sigh,
as if mourning or rejecting a painful memory,
weeping songs, sung by ghosts of regret.

Dried mucous gels and jiggles,
oozing forth putrid emissions.
Up and out, waves of liquid
Ebb and flow, influence still
by an absent moon
A sad legacy for a once noble civilization.

Fumes erupt, pressure whizz and spit,
Thrusting, heaving breath bellows forth.
Rumblings shudder, trembling solid land,
As if trying to contain the dred of a billion souls.

Great mounds of earth rise slowly then suddenly concave
into craters as if the bottom fell away.
Split, sheer and cave in, crevasse to caverns.
All this I we observed from flashes of light.
The Surface appeared awake in a living death.
This rain mingling with the blood of a thousand Cherub,
who once gave their lives, to free us all from the
Archon Tyrant King.

©Danisms 2016


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