Mainstream who promote the lie:


To a Media who misrepresents Truth, and followers of that phoney Narrative.

If truth walks not among us,
Love won’t sing it’s praise.
Love will sing the songs that sting,
and soothe us, both the same.

When innocence has lost its form
And scales no longer weigh,
I fear what will become the norm
I dread, it’s here to stay.

If there’s no truth in kindness,
But all showy display
that means you know,
the road, you go,
mocks it and its ways.

If love knows not, what truth begot,
If there’s no right from wrong.
What limits set, will be forgot.
All rubbed out, dead and gone.

With no moral compass,
They are bought and sold.
No love of truth, written
on, the banners of their souls.

Those who walk among us,
more over I would say.
They bridge a gap
with pretty wraps and,
rainbows of dismay.

Those who preach a gospel,
Praising hate and blame.
Kill the son of kingdom come
Again, again, again.
© Danisms2016


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