Redheaded Giants: The Archon King


The Archon King

Of God’s and Demons, The legends tell,
The Heavens split, their footsteps fell.
Trumpets blast, through light and flame.

To all who hear, a voice proclaimed;

“All that is here. All that you see.
under the sun, by him does be.
Who rules the stars, the day, the night,
beneath the sea, and airy flight.
Who rules the land, and underneath
For by his grace, your life will be.
Of his greatness, all trumpets ring.
All owe him thanks. All praises sing,
All tribute to; The Archon King.”

The Archons they, were ancient things.
Brought forth to serve the Archon King.
Made by his hands, for his delight,
these fleshy things, who once breathed life.
He took from them, parts he did like.
Slaughtered, sewn, needle and knife…

Joined to a frame, pressed to a mold.
In his own image, himself to behold.
In them he breathed to living beings.
To serve himself, the Archon King.
On to each, he pressed his lips,
caressed their cheeks, grinding hips.
He had his way, as he saw fit.
each to himself, his love was with…

Once again, round he went.
Clasped their face, pulled down their chin.
He loved each one, his beauty seen,
Because each one to him was he.
He bit his lip, and spat within,
each mouth his blood, face and chin.
Widened eyes, inhale and arched
Like a gust, a gale of wind.
Filled his chest, like bellows blew.
Excitement rose, swelled and used .

Their chests raised up. A quiver, shook,
A gasp, first breath, each one had took,
Blood and phlem, flap within,
Each hollowed gurgle, breathy nook.

As each one rose, a light within,
pale blue translucent glow in skin.
Their eyes of turquoise, green and blue.
All mirrored each, and each one knew,
and in all, a comfert, so very pleased,
hail to the King, fell to their knees.

A pledge was made, that with their life,
to serve the King, with all their might.
For each one in, the others needs,
wants, and whims of The Archon King.

© Danisms 2016


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