Redheaded Giants: Deepest and Darkest of Dreams


Deepest and Darkest of Dreams

Yes there were Giants, back in those days.
Today they Lay low, hidden far, and away.
Deep in the forests, meadows, and springs.
High desert plains, gullies, streams.
In cliffs, high on bluffs, the boonies, and thickets.
They watch from the shadows, standing in pickets.

Eyes glow red, some say they are green.
lights blink in the shadows, ablaze, ire and mean.
In the stillness and silence, of caves, and ravines.

Men seldom tread, in places like these.
Smell of the dead, and threat of dis-ease.
Speak to the minds, of men mortal and meek.
Away you be warned, here be death that you seek.

Glacial crevasse, caves and caverns they dwell.
Nightly screams echo, like torture in hell.
By rivers and lakes, by shade covered streams.
Which flow with deepest, and darkest of dreams.
Where spirit things live, in corners and seams.


© Danisms 2016


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