Happy Easter


In my opinion the rich creative energy is taken out of the story of Abraham, When it is taken literally. But that’s my take on it. It’s the second reprise of the Garden of Eden narrative of innocence being cast out of the organic realm of reality into a contrived realm of belief. The true fall of man. Of which I will state my argument at a later time.

The Resurrection of Jesus takes us out of the realm of reality and into the realm of belief. Evidently faith was not enough, love was not enough. Jesus taught to love the Father with all our heart, all your mind, and all our soul, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Why did it become so complicated after he died? When I step back and look at the whole picture. I believe his words were greatly embellish. Altered for the security of the state, and has been a political tool until the Birth of the United States of America. It’s a beautiful thing. In my heart in my mind and in my soul. I know Christ would reject what Christianity has become.

Our history of polarization of what freedom is to the individual is proof of this.
The conservative mind, whether during its Democratic party days or up to the present, it’s Republican party days, has Claimed to be the most Christian, yet has always strived to reduce the freedoms of the individual. This is apparent throughout our history. But they also have proven to be that of the Christian school which through manipulation of the masses to conform to the state.  Yet thank God, because of the separation of church and state they have to be sneaky about it. Jesus would reject this behavior also. This is the Anti-Christ movement since day one.

To swim in a river called Jesus against the tied has always made the controllers commit unspeakable things. That is the Christian history. Inn my heart, in my mind and in my soul, I know Christ would not be a Christian.

This is the resurrection. Happy Easter.


© Danisms 2016


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