Why do I feel? Father?

You may as well ask; Why does a flower bloom? It’s the bloom that is most appreciated. The flower is the expression of the plant it is from. Feelings are expressions of the fullness of your being. An expression of the depth of your essence. Knowing right and wrong is supported by feelings, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. If a plant is ill it will wither. Likewise if a person feels not, all is lost.  How will the intellect be guided? If a man feels not, what is his motivation to procreate? If a man feels not; how will he hear my voice. How will his dedication be solidified to his family friends and community without feeling?

Look at the books they passionately search through to find my words. They do not want to feel! They are guided by fear of loss. They deny their faith in me with each page turned. They do not see each of them is the book I write, they see me not. They do not see I am personal to each of you. The deeper you feel, the more I speak to the depths of your sincerity. Fear runs away from me. Love runs to me. Each gives birth to its own reward.

They are like children playing a board game, yet each wants control. They look in that book to find reasons not to do my will. They carry on in their selfish endeavors feeling justified in their contempt.  Don’t blame me for their wars. What is recorded in their books is how far their own desires have taken them away from me.

The more a person feels the more human they become. Why does a flower bloom? To fulfill its potential. Why do you ask such questions? Because you feel. Listen to me my son; I am in your heart, and in your mind, and in your soul. Fear leads to anger, anger to hatred. Do you not see how I am not present in that. Love my son, love.


© Danisms 2016


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