Peace, War and Contradiction!

There are things we can hold on to.
Mind things, heart things, not really thingy
things though. These things are soul things.

Only we know what these things are. They are
personal, and invoke a state of mind in me that
I associate as being connected with the sacred.
Why and how do I make that connection? I feel its
divinely inspired, its bliss. It’s Grace. I can find no
definitions, but can only refer to the kingdom of heaven
in the parables of Jesus and what he means when he says;
“it is like”. In the Parable of the Prodigal Son,
That state of mind when the father see’s his long lost son.
When his Son is welcomed back, that is very close.
When I’m in it everything flows in a graceful dance.

I walk into this only under certain conditions
and I know this is something common to everyone.
no one is excluded.

I learned this connection while practicing meditation
and after so many years it’s become my sacred space.
It is a space anywhere. If you can relate to that you are
understanding what it is I’m talking about.

At those times when we walk with that
wholeness and fulfillment even the idea of
ideals, of right and wrong are not an issue, you are
aligned with something amazing. Our brains
are flooded with endorphins, our equilibrium is
aligned with all things just and true, gentle and loving.
It’s a natural wholesome energy and a sense of
well-being on a higher plateau.

No matter what tradition or religion you practice each
Has a way of getting there.


Is this the result of a connection, a vibration resonating
at a higher frequency?
I don’t know.
Is it with something?
Is it God?
Is It Christ?
Is it Nirvana?
Buddha Mind?
Is it even higher?

In don’t know.

Do we give it a label because we just don’t understand it?
It is baffling to define.

We label everything, and every label holds a meaning.
It’s funny how every religion on the globe holds this
state of mind as the ideal state of communion with
their highest deity. What’s funny still, is these ideals
are all exactly the same.

Love, Kindness, understanding, forgiveness, compassion,
empathy, and charity. All of what we declare as the best
qualities of humanity are naturally within you.

The true irony is each major religion in the west has a bias
about any other as being the right one. Even within its own
Religion there are factions who are still at odds today.
That’s unique to our culture. Natural based shamanistic
traditions hold no bias about such things in a way that ever
called for War. There is something about our western religious
traditions that keep them exclusive. That reasoning thrusts
me from that mind state of grace back down to the lower realm.
Of anxiety, fear, and what they invoke. It is gone.

It is so obvious to me their bias is a mistake,
and are more about land and taxes, then being with God.
To me I see this as our next major shift as a civilised
society. God calling us to gravitate towards him
The next step in our social evolution.

It’s time we abandoned the biased language from those
traditions. Aren’t we on the verge of annihilation because of it?

Don’t we learn out of the tension of contrast and
contradiction of our past? Aren’t we rewarded for good
behavior, and not given attention with bad behavior?
Wouldn’t our Bliss, our Grace, be guides towards the right
and just way to go? Or is their a firewall written in to keep
such things from happening continuously blocking our way
to progress?

Haven’t contradictions in scripture taken enough lives?
Haven’t those contradictions been useful tools in the
past, in creating wars for land, resources, wealth and power?

How do you think a God would talk to its creations?
Through a book organized by a government, or in you and to you
Intimately, personally.

When I’m in that blissful state of mind, I can do anything, work,
exercise read and write. One thing I cannot do, is think selfishly or
Unwholesome thoughts, i’m bumped out of it.
That sacred place, and thoughts those thoughts are alien to each
Other. They do not belong together and cannot coexist.

That vibration tells me when I’m on the right track, it’s a compass leading home, it’s communion with God. You may argue, but I know so intimately
It’s inarguably and utter completeness of being and purpose.

Isn’t it time we influenced let our gravitational pull us towards that higher realm take place.
When you think about how selfish we are, can’t we separate that selfishness
From God?


© Danisms 2016


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