About this site:

Myths and Legends, are meant to be investigated on many levels. We gravitate towards levels with our understanding, and through insight we grow.

Doors are built on understanding. It’s through insight, we learn the combination to unlock the doors in the walls. These rooms, and halls, yet to be discovered are what I hope to open.

This is a process of art and expression. I do this primarily for myself on one level, but I believe we all exchange energy of thought and meaning. My growth is yours  and yours is mine. We each in ourselves, are a conglomerate of elements in a mode of dynamic interplay. A symbiotic microcosm.

An expanding and deminishing dance of matter and energy, spirit and mass, flesh bone and intention. So are each of us to each other, and everything to everything else.

This is a pattern that is duplicated, again and again, from the smallest of things, to the inconceivably large, making all its parts equal to the other.

Pattern upon pattern, mingling, intermeshed. Creation isn’t a past event. The ocean we swim in is an eternal now. We aren’t created, we are in the act and process of creation, continuously creating, and recreating. We impact existance with every thought, every act, every judgment, every wish, and every prayer.

We are continually breaking things apart, and building them up. We focus energy this way, and that. Our inner life, reflects outwards, and our outer life reflects inward.  Jesus said: “As a man thinketh, so shall he be.” This is a metaphysical truth and is mirrored in every religious mystic tradition.

Truths like this, go mostly unrealized, because our collective norms in modern society, are more materialistic then ever before. This has a great amount of impact on limiting our awareness. The Awareness TV, is set more on an ego based self centered channels, rather then the deeper less self oriented channels, like the Cosmic Dance, or Indra’s Net.

We are a conduit for the energy in universe. Our job is to protect, and support the energy we wish to evoke, the energy that matches our ideals and ethics. This is the focus, and function of Myths and Legends. 

It’s also a thing of nature to seek balance within itself. As I’ve stated on my Danisms page: I’m not beyond the law of compensation. My extreme handsomeness must be balanced with an equal opposite dynamic.

I am humbled in that this could indeed be a foolish endeavor. Blake said: The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.
So I’ve got that going for me.



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